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Our aim at 24/7 Family Day Care is to provide the best start for children’s early education and care in a safe, warm and nurturing environment.


We have a strong commitment to valuing equity, diversity, and inclusive practices, regardless of race, culture, gender, abilities, social status or family structure.


We acknowledge and respect Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and embed these values in our scheme and services.

24/7 Family Day Care recognises that the rights of the child are paramount. We believe that children are unique, competent and capable learners and we value their role in shared decision making regarding the curriculum.


Educators use this knowledge to develop programs based on children’s individual interests, strengths, and needs, to promote children’s learning in a holistic fashion. We provide services that enable each child to feel safe, secure and valued by creating a feeling of acceptance and a sense of belonging. A positive relationship between educators and children is essential to this.

Educators use the approved learning frameworks (Early Years Learning Framework and My Time, Our Place), to develop an educational program that guides pedagogy, practices, and assessment and planning to support children’s learning and development.


24/7 Family Day Care is guided by the National Quality Framework including National Law and Regulations and the National Quality Standard, which underpin the decisions, policies and daily practices of the scheme.


We believe in creating learning environments that support an ongoing culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility, promote children’s health, well-being, and physical activity, and encourages them to develop a positive sense of self. We strive to provide a flexible environment with meaningful, interest-based experiences that give children the opportunity to grow and learn.


The role of families is respected and supported. We aim to develop strong connections and reciprocal partnerships between staff, educators and families through open communication, honesty and mutual respect. We believe this provides the foundation for the growth and education of each child.


We value community connections in all aspects of our scheme. We endeavor to use community resources and encourage the community to participate in our services and welcome their interest and involvement.


24/7 Family Day Care supports staff and educators in their roles through ongoing professional development. We believe that critical self-reflection and networking is vital for continuous improvement and staff development. 24/7 Family Day Care believes that effective governance requires professional collaboration between all stakeholders to support the effective operation of the scheme.

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